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Notes for Outpatient Service
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1. To make sure register correctly, please go to the reception desk for triage information at first, and then register at the window or self-service registration machine. Do not believe in others to be cheated to visit unlicensed small hospitals.


2. If you use self-service registration, please follow the self-service operating procedure. The patient ID card shall be kept with caution for it is needed each time when you visit.


3. Expert and specialist outpatient clinic can be registered by appointment. The specific procedure and notes for appointment please refer to the appointment registration notice.


4. Medicare patients are expected to show their medical insurance cards and medical records when registering. Make sure holding your own card and record.


5. After registration, please refer to the distribution map or consult for the specific department you need to go.


6. We adopt computerized queuing system. Please wait patiently in your waiting areas and see the doctor according to the queue management system in turn.


7. To keep a good diagnosis environment and protect patients’ privacy, we implement the “3-one” mechanism, one doctor and one patient in one consulting room.  Cooperation and supervision would be appreciated.


8. The valid period of registration is one day (valid on the date of registration) and the registration is refundable if necessary.


9. If you only need to prescribe medicine or laboratory test sheet, you can register through the quick-access clinic on the first floor.


10. Patients suffered from chronic diseases can refer to the reception desk on the first floor for registration and see the doctor.


11. Retired cadres or senior intellectuals can directly register and consult in the Cadre clinic on the second floor.


12. Patients over 85, military personnel on active service or the physically disabled (with valid document) enjoy the priority of registration and consultation.


13. Patients diagnosed as tuberculosis enjoy the official policy of reduced fee. Local patients or those from other cities but reside in Zhenjiang diagnosed as tuberculosis can have free anti-tuberculosis drug treatment provided by Zhenjiang No. 3 People's Hospital. Address: No.300 Dai Jiamen (previously the Three Kingdoms City). You can go there from Da shikou or Zhenjiang Railway Station by bus line No.23.

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