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Schedule for Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinic
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Breast Neoplasms

Monday Afternoon

    Department of Breast Surgery,

    Department of Chemotherapy,

    Department of Radiotherapy,

    Medical Imaging Department,

    Doppler Ultrasonic Department.

Thoracic Tumor

Tuesday Afternoon

    Respiration Department,

    Department of Chemotherapy,

    Department of Radiotherapy,

    Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,

    Medical Imaging Department

Abdominal Tumor

Wednesday Afternoon

    Department of General Surgery ,

    Department of Gastroenterology,

    Department of Chemotherapy,

    Department of Radiotherapy,

    Medical Imaging Department,

    Department of interventional radiology

Pain in Neck,

Shoulder, Lumbus and Legs

Thursday Afternoon


    Orthopedic Department,

    Pain management, Rehabilitation Department,

    Medical Imaging Department,

    Department of Rheumatology

    Department of Hematology

Peripheral arterial disease

Friday Afternoon

    Department of Vascular surgery,

    Department of interventional radiology,

    Department of Cardiovasology,

    Medical Imaging Department,

    Doppler Ultrasonic Department

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