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General Hospital Demonstration Specialty of Jiangsu Province

- -Traditional Chinese Medicine Department





Section of Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine



    Founded in 1956, as a specialty with outstanding comprehensive strength, the section enjoys a comparatively high reputation inJiangsuprovince andZhenjiang. In July 2009, it has been approved to be the first batch of demonstration construction unit of traditional Chinese medicine of general (specialty) hospitals in Jiangsu province (the only demonstration specialty in Zhenjiang), and has got financial support from Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, as well as Jiangsu Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other institutional sectors. In 2010, it has been approved to be National Demonstration Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine of General Hospital by the Ministry of Health. The excellent team in the section possesses solid theoretical basics of traditional Chinese medicine, performing diagnosis and treatment with ease. The medical staffs in this section also master modern medical knowledge and modern medical techniques. Currently, there are four chief doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, four associate chief doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, one attending doctor, two resident doctors, and four of them have obtained Master’s degree. The outpatient capacity is more than 70 thousand cases and the discharged patients are more than 200 cases annually.


【Technical Features】

    Thanks to constant efforts of several generations of experts and professors, this section has won high praise in terms of TCM gynecology, TCM gastroenterology, TCM oncology, TCM pediatrics and other TCM specialties, with the characteristics of standardized, strict and effective diagnosis and treatment, it has carried out many treatment projects, including pelvic inflammation disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, immune infertility, ulcerative colitis, chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal disorders, urinary tract stones, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tumor postoperative therapy and so forth. In addition, the section also assumes medical education and scientific research tasks ofJiangsuUniversity, and actively participates in academic activities and exchanges, and has made great improvement in professional level. Its TCM experts have profound and abundant knowledge in health preserving, and are adept in regulating and treating common diseases, geriatric diseases and chronic diseases with great effectiveness. And its Herbal Extract Cream clinic is accessible to patients in winter, which "tailors" personalized herbal extract cream for patients. Its great curative effect receives high praise from patients. The project “Study on the intervention of herbal extract cream for sub-health groups” has won the Third Prize of the new technologies and projects of the hospital.


【Academic leader】

    Zhou Yaping, chief doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Model of Medical Ethics of Jiangsu province, Zhenjiang Famous Expert of TCM, Model Worker of Zhenjiang, one of the Inspirational Figures of Jiangsu University, specializes in unique methods in TCM diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, especially in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Due to the significant effect of his treatment, he enjoys a great reputation both inside and outsideJiangsuprovince.


Qian hua, chief doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Master of Medicine,dean of the Section of Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. She has been engaged in clinical treatment and education of TCM for more than 20 years and accumulated a wealth of experience. She specializes in digestive system diseases, diseases of internal medicine, and other intractable diseases. She has presided over two scientific projects supported by Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and one project supported by Clinical Medical Science Development Foundation of Jiangsu University, and has participated in one research project supported by Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions, has published a dozen of academic papers, and has won the third Prize of Excellent Scientific Paper of Zhenjiang.




Section of Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery


    TCM Surgery was founded in 1965, and its founder Jin Bogong, former dean of the section, is the descendant of an imperial physician in Qing dynasty. With immense erudition through family teaching and influence, he invented a series of effective topical herbs and set up the surgery of TCM, which enjoys reputation inZhenjiang. The section of TCM surgery fully exploits clinical treatment value of various herbs for external use, and widely applies these medicines to ulcer surgery, dermatosis, orthopedics, mastopathia, andropathy, general surgery and other kinds of clinical specialty, and the section has formed unique clinical diagnosis and treatment characteristics---endotherapy for external diseases, external therapy for internal diseases, combination of endotherapy and external therapy, and combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and consequently it has achieved positive social effect. All the physicians have obtained Bachelor’s degree or above, including three with senior professional title, three with junior professional title, and three with Master’s degree. At present, it has set up dermatological clinic, mastopathia clinic, anorectal clinic, andropathy clinic, peripheral vascular diseases clinic, and ulcer surgery. Currently, the section has 11 beds open for patients, one VIP ward, and it consists of dressing rooms, fumigation-washing chamber, the anus fumigation-washing instrument, SPA hydrotherapy instrument, microwave therapeutic instrument, Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery tester, high frequency electro surgical unit, and anorectal comprehensive treatment instrument. It also provides excellent attendance and nursing services.


【Technical Features】

    The section carries out the treatment and research of peripheral vascular diseases. With the combination of traditional drugs for exterior use and biological coating, the section performs treatment for ulcer of lower limb and has achieved positive effect. And with the combination of traditional drugs for exterior use and negative pressure drainage, the section performs treatment for diabetes foot, and has achieved satisfactory effect. The section always holds the leading position in the treatment of anorectal diseases, in 2002, it developed PPH surgery for the treatment of severe hemorrhoids; in 2004, it made original creation of arc resection and axial suture for circular hemorrhoids; in 2008, it performed the therapy of tunnel type contra-aperture thread drainage to treat semi horseshoe anal fistula; in 2010, it performed the Doppler-guided ligation of hemorrhoidal artery, and open-loop stapler therapy to treat combined hemorrhoid; in 2012, it performed red light treatment for deep infection; and in 2014, it performed pelvic floor biofeedback therapy to treat chronic constipation and pelvic floor syndrome.


【Academic leaders】

    Qiu Rong, deputy dean of Traditional Chinese Medicine Surgery, associate chief doctor of TMC, the member of Anorectal Society of Jiangsu Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of many common diseases, such as skin blistering diseases, mastopathia, and anorectal diseases, and she specializes in using specific medicine of TCM Surgery, including ointment, tincture to treat blisters, seats, swollen, poisoning, abdominal lower extremity ulcers, varicosity, diabetic foot and other cutaneo-vascular lesions; with the application of Chinese medicinal materials, she performs the diagnosis and treatment for lacteal gland benign lesion and postoperative treatment of mammary adenocarcinoma. She is good at using a variety of surgical procedures and conservative therapies to treat anorectal diseases, giving full play of Chinese medicine characteristics, namely endotherapy for external diseases, external treatment for internal diseases, as well as combination of endotherapy and external treatment. She has published several academic papers: Study on hyperplasia of mammary glands from the TMC angle of “Chong and Ren”, Study on the basis of same treatment for mammary glands hyperplasia and chloasma, as well as experience of TMC external therapy for breast fistula."




Acupuncture Section


    Founded in 1956, Acupuncture Section enjoys a great reputation with the most powerful medical force and the strongest comprehensive professional strength inZhenjiang. The department has been approved to be one of the construction units of General Hospital Demonstration Specialty of Jiangsu Province in July 2009, and has been granted to be one of National Demonstration Units of Traditional Chinese Medicine of General Hospital by the Ministry of Health in 2010. This section has an outstanding teaching and research team with solid theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine and comprehensive treatment technology, and has formed its own characteristics. Acupuncture section consists of two parts, namely, acupuncture and traumatology. There is a chief doctor of TMC, two associate chief doctors of TMC, three attending doctors, and two resident doctors. All of them have Bachelor’s degree or above, including one with doctoral degree and three with Master’s degree. In addition to outpatient clinic, cosmetic acupuncture specialty, cervical spondylopathy specialty and stroke specialty have also been established.


【Technical features】

    With great efforts of several generations for decades, the section has formed characteristic treatments, such as electric acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, cupping, catgut embedding, scalp acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, auricular acupoint pressing, acupoint injection, traction and other treatments methods. The section has always focused on treating common and frequently-occurring diseases, and constantly kept exploring new therapeutic fields. The section specializes especially in these diseases: cervical spondylosis, lumbar herniation, periarthritis of shoulder and a variety of degenerative diseases; rehabilitation of stroke, facial paralysis, deafness and tinnitus, various neurological injuries; obesity, acne, chloasma and other facial appearance damaging diseases. Besides traditional acupuncture treatment, in recent years, the section has launched a succession of new technologies and new projects, such as catgut embedding, cosmetic acupuncture, acupoint smearing and sticking (triple summer moxibustion), Chinese medicine fumigation with traction, aerobics acupuncture, thunder fire moxibustion and so forth.


【Academic leaders】

    Liu dong, chief doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, dean of acupuncture section, is the deputy director of the Fourth Session of Clinical Professional Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Association of Acupuncture, standing member of the professional equipment Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Association of Acupuncture, member of the Fifth Session of the Council of Jiangsu Provincial Association of Acupuncture.  He is the creator of catgut implantation at acupoint technique. He has pioneered in catgut embedding for weight reduction, and acupuncture for facial beautification, etc. Besides, Liu dong has original opinions of diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.


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