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Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province--Burns and Plastic Surgery Department
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Burns and plastic surgery department is the specialty with the integration of clinical treatment, education and scientific research. The department is one of the M.D degree and the master degree conferment institutes ofJiangsuUniversitysurgery major. This department is one of the earliest specialized surgeries offering the burn and plastic surgical treatment and beauty therapeutic treatment inZhenjiang. Since its establishment about twenty years ago, the department has developed into the Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu province, leading inJiangsuprovince and being well-known nationwide. At present, we have ten doctors in the department, among which there are three chief doctors, two associate chief doctors. And two of them obtained doctoral degree and three of them obtained master degree. In this department, there are 30 beds open for patients. Every year, we treat over 500 specialty inpatients and over 6000 outpatients. We have introduced advanced equipments including suspension bed for treating burn, Zimmer motor dermatome, Doppler blood flow measurement instrument, skin scar grinding apparatus, cosmetic laser therapeutic instrument, ultrasonic liposuction machine and German Zeiss operation microscope. We have set up cosmetic treatment center and trauma treatment center.



【Technical Features】

The department undertakes the treatment of severe burns or trauma inZhejiang, and has made intensive research into the rescue and treatment of large-area and deep burns, catastrophic mass burns and special causes burns. The cure rate of the severe large-area burns takes the leading place inJiangsuprovince. In the field of plastic surgery, we have rich clinical experience in the treatment of congenital malformation, secondary tissue defect, and neoplasmas of skin and soft tissue. Combined with the therapy represented by the advanced perforator flap operation, we apply non-surgical method, characterized by the application of moisture exposure burn treatment (MEBT) and vacuum-sealing technique to the treatment of complicated and refractory wounds and chronic wound, such as wound in leg with bone exposure and foot soft tissue defect, diabetic foot, venous ulcers in the lower limb and so on, achieving actual and positive effects. In the field of cosmetology, we perform all kinds of cosmetic operations, and have much influence and reputation inZhenjiang. As to the hand surgery, we carry out all kinds of treatments of hand injury and amputated finger replantation. In recent years, we have edited or participated in the edition of two textbooks and professional books, undertaken two projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and two research projects of provincial and municipal level, published over 50 pieces of theses at national and international professional periodicals, and there are 15 pieces are indexed by SCI.


【Academic Leader】

Sun Binwei is a PhD, chief doctor, the Vice Director of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University, the standing member of Chinese Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Doctor under Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the member of Trauma infection group of Trauma Branch of Chinese Medical Association, the Vice director of the Plastic and Burns Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association, the member of the Cosmetology Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association, the director of the Plastic, Burns and Cosmetic Branch of Zhenjiang Medical Association. Doctor Sun has received the Excellent Physician Award of the Plastic Surgery of China in 2012.


Liu Chang is the chief doctor, attending doctor, the dean of Burns and Plastic Surgery Department, the member of the Plastic and Burns Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association. He is skilled in the treatment of severe burns, all kinds of cosmetology plastic surgery and congenital malformation treatment, and the treatment of hand injury and microsurgery.



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