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Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province—Department of Laboratory Medicine
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The Department of Laboratory Medicine is the Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu province inZhenjiang. This department consists of four major parts, namely, the division of clinical laboratory, the division of emergency laboratory, the division of ward laboratory and the division of central laboratory. We have set up clinical biochemistry laboratory, clinical immunology laboratory, clinical hematology laboratory, clinical osology laboratory, clinical microbiology laboratory and clinical DNA diagnosis laboratory. We have a medical force of 44 specialists. Three of them obtained doctoral degree and twelve of them obtained master degree. And four doctors have senior professional title and eleven doctors have vice-senior professional title. The department lays emphasis on the regular and standardized specialty construction, getting excellent achievements in a series of specialty inspection. In 2002, we obtained the Approval of HIV Screening Laboratory. In 2005, we passed the Standardized Construction of Qualified Units of Hospital Laboratory Medicine Department conducted byJiangsuprovincial health authorities. In 2009, we ranked the first in the inspection of the testing work of clinic laboratory ofJiangsumedical institutes. In the end of 2009, clinical DNA diagnosis laboratory passed the re-evaluation ofJiangsuCenterfor Clinical Laboratories. In 2010, the department passed the professional inspection on biological safety in Clinical Laboratory conducted byJiangsuprovincial health authorities. The department participates actively in several evaluation activities organized by provincial and municipal health authorities and has won excellent results for many years.


【Technical Features】

The main laboratory equipments of the department include the fully automatic chemistry analyzer, dry chemical analyzer, automatic blood cell analyzer, full automatic blood coagulation instrument, automatic immune analyzer, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, microorganism identification instrument, blood culture instrument, flow cytometer, quantitative PCR instrument, gradient PCR instrument and so forth. These equipments are taking the leading place inJiangsuclinical laboratory medicine field. The department performs over 500 items of regular and special tests, and undertakes special testing for medical institutes affiliated to Jiangbin Medical Group.



The regular examination and tests we performs are as follows: the hepatic function, renal function, blood lipid analysis, myocardium enzymogram, urine biochemistry, biochemistry of pleural effusion and ascites, glycosylated hemoglobin, blood gas ( ABG) analysis, electrolyte, blood ammonia, lactic acid, electrophoresis, urinary micro protein analysis, immunoglobulin and complement, light chain, HAV-IgM, HBVM, HCV-Ab, TP-IgG, HIV-antibody, routine blood test, urine routine, stool routine, parasite examination, blood coagulation, and all kinds of body fluid routines. What is more, we perform tests on autoimmune disease associated antibodies, infertility associated antibodies, pathogens and antibodies related to respiratory tract, bone marrow cytomorphologic examination, peripheral blood cell morphology, urinary red cells, DNA of hepatitis B, RNA of hepatitis C, DNA of HPV, free hemoglobin, related testing of hemolytic anemia, T cell subsets examination, human leukocyte antigen B27 assay, common bacteria culture and testing of different specimens, culture and identification of anaerobic bacteria, culture and identification of fungal, testing of Acid-fast bacillus, testing of mycoplasmal, testing of chlamydia, testing of chromosome, fungus 1, 3- beta -D dextran, endotoxin, and procalcitonin.



Beside its regular medical practice, the department also undertakes education tasks for the undergraduates, postgraduates and international students ofJiangsuUniversityand undertakes the guidance work for the internship of the laboratory medicine major students from other schools.


    The department is devoted to scientific research actively. We have presided over four projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and several key projects supported byJiangsuprovince. The department has been granted the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu Province, the Third Prize of Jiangsu Medical Science and Technology, the First and Second Prize of the Introduction of Innovative Medical Technology of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, and the Second and Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhenjiang.


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