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Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province-- Dermatology Department
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Dermatology Department is the Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province which performs integrated functions of clinical treatment, medical education and scientific research. At present, there are eleven doctors and two technicians in this department. Among them, there are three chief doctors and 3 associate chief doctors. Three of the doctors obtained doctoral degree and five obtained master degree. The outpatient’s treatment is more than 80000 and the inpatient’s is over 200 yearly.


【Technical features】

Dermatology Department mainly carries treatments for skin diseases, examination and treatment of venereal diseases, fungal skin examination, anaphylactogen detection (MORA test, patch test and allergen detection in vitro), photosensitivity test, wood light inspection and skin pathological examination. In the field of treatment for skin diseases, we have introduced advanced equipments and technology, including photon workstation, 308 excimer laser, q-switched laser, narrow-band UVB treatment(imported from Germany), photodynamics therapy, daylight simulator, vitiligo skin graft treatment instrument, electric ion therapy, microwave therapy and surgical operation.


We are the first hospital to perform dermatology surgery inZhenjiang, including the treatment of skin superficial benign and malignant tumor, scars, and vitiligo. We perform kinds of operations, such as exairesis, dermatoplasty (pedicle and free flap), dermabrasion and epidermic graftion. We offer treatment to those patients with different intractable diseases and to critical-condition patients. We have set up the emergency 24-hour shift system. The inpatients mainly suffer from the illnesses including severe drug eruption, pemphigus, severe psoriasis, and severe systemic lupus erythematosus. We have invited nationally famous expert Pro. Chen Zhiqiang to address the difficult questions about the outpatient and inpatient.


The department lays special emphasis on scientific research and now we have undertaken several projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Medical Association Fund and Municipal Social Development Project. We have several doctors with the title of Key Medical Talent of Jiangsu Province, and Double Innovation talents ofJiangsuProvince. We undertake the tasks of medical education and internship for clinical medicine major students, general practice major students and international students majoring in medicine fromJiangsuUniversity. Besides the local patients inZhenjiang, patients from adjacent regions, such as Jintan, Liyang and Wujin and so on, also choose to consult in our department.


【Academic Leader】

Li Yumei is a PhD, chief doctor and supervisor of postgraduate students, and she is also the Vice Director of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University. She graduated from theInstituteofDermatologyofChineseAcademyof Medical Sciences. She is now the Youth Member of Chinese Society of Dermatology, one of the ‘333’Talents of Jiangsu Province, and he Key Talent of Medical Science of Jiangsu Province.


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