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Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province—Medical Imaging Department
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    Medical Imaging Department consists of the PET-CT Center, CT-MRT Room, the Division of Radiology and the Division of Interventional Radiology. It is the Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province, integrating clinical treatment, scientific research and clinical education. 


    The PET-CTCenterand the CT-MRI Room have strong technological background. We are the conferment institutes of doctoral degree and master degree. At present, we have twelve doctors in the department. Among them, there are one doctoral supervisor and four master supervisors. Four of them obtained doctoral degree and eight of them obtained master degree. We have introduced the most advanced technologies and equipments, including PET-CT, Revolution CT,Spiral CTof 128 layers,Spiral CTof 64 layers, 3.0T Magnetic resonance and 1.5T Magnetic resonance, and the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) available in the whole hospital. In recent years, we have undertaken two projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and three projects supported by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, and have published over ten pieces of theses indexed by SCI.



    We have a strong staff group in the Division of Radiology. Currently, we have a medical force of twenty six. Among them, there are twelve doctors, thirteen chief technicians and associate technicians and one paramedic. There are five doctors with senior professional title, and seventeen doctors with junior or elementary professional title. Five of them are taking postgraduate courses and more than twenty of them have obtained bachelor degree and above. We have the most advanced and multifunctional medical examination and diagnostic equipments inZhenjiang. The high definition digital X-ray images could satisfy clinical needs. We can share the digital images in the whole hospital with PACS system. At present, the main equipments include two multi-functional digital radiography system(DR) of Philips, Holland, one Computed Radiography(CR) of Kodak, the USA, one 1000mA digital gastrointestinal X-ray diagnosis machine, one X-ray machine for galactophore, Italy, one 500mA X-ray machine of PHILIPS, Holland, one 500mA X-ray machine of Toshiba, Japan, and one  remote control enema reduction apparatus by computer.



    The Division of Interventional Radiology is the first specialty of interventional radiography inZhenjiang. It has 6 beds open for patients and performs interventional radiography outpatient clinic. It is now the leading force of interventional radiography inZhenjiang, enjoying a great reputation inJiangsuprovince. It has introduced the most advanced equipments and technology in the world, including Digital Subtraction Angiography, the CVL plus produced by GE, theUSA. And we are able to perform coronary artery and cerebrovascular high-precision interventional operations.



【Technical Features】

    Based on the comprehensive scientific research platform and the advantage of immune specialty ofJiangsuUniversity, The CT-MRI Room is developing in the direction towards professional specialty construction. It has developed its own characteristics, such as the study of tumor radioimmunoimaging, the basic and clinical research of depressive disorder, the screening and diagnosis of lung cancer at early stage. The research on early diagnosis of pancreatic tumor with CT and MRI and its resectability judgment is now taking the leading place inJiangsuprovince. The CT-MRI Room has presided over more than ten projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation and municipal special fund. We have received the Second Prize of Introduction of New Medicine of Jiangsu health authorities, and received the Second and Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhenjiang. We have published more than twenty pieces of theses on the series of Chinese Medicine Journal and four books. We also received nine of municipal award for technological achievements and teaching achievements. Besides the regular imaging work and normal radiography, we also perform special examination, such as galactography.



The operations of the Division of Interventional Radiology:

1. Congenital heart disease:Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), Atrial septal defect (ASD), Interventricular septal defect. (ISD)


2. Peripheral arteriovenous malformation, pulmonary thromboembolism, Lower extremity deep venous thrombosis and embolism, diabetic feet, renovascular hypertension.


3. Malignancy: hepatic carcinoma, pulmonary carcinoma, renal carcinoma, hysterocarcinoma, cardiac carcinoma, esophageal cancer, gastric carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, carcinoma of large intestine, malignant obstructive Jaundice, malignant tracheal stenosis.


4. Hemorrhagic diseases: Massive hemoptysis, Hemorrhage of digestive tract, Haemorrhagia nasalis, Pelvic trauma hemorrhage, Postpartum hemorrhage, Parenchymal organ trauma and tumor rupture hemorrhage of liver, kidney and spleen.


5. Nervous system diseases: Carotid and vertebral basilar artery stenosis, Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), Carotid-cavernous fistula (CCF), Acute and hyper-acute cerebral infarction.


6. Cyst and Abscess: Hepatic cyst, Renal cyst, Pancreatic pseudocyst, hepatic abscess, hepatic abscesses, Intra-abdominal abscess (subdiaphragm or subhepatic), Thoracic empyema.


7. Benign tumor: Hepatic hemangioma, Hysteromyoma


8. Disease of obstetrics and gynecology: Tubal infertility, Hysteromyoma, Ectopic pregnancy, Cervical cancer


Diseases of orthopedics: Avascular necrosis of femoral head (ANFH), herniated disk, Pathological and traumatic compression fracture of vertebral body, vertebral hemangiomas, Intramedullary arteriovenous malformation (SCAVM), Malignant tumor of bone or soft tissue of extremities.


9. Other diseases: Portal hypertension, Hypersplenism, Hyperthyroid.



【Academic Leader】

    Wang Dongqing graduated from the imaging and nuclear medicine major ofFudanUniversity, receiving doctoral degree as an excellent graduate. He has rich experience in CT, magnetic resonance imaging and diagnosis, especially skilled in the systematic research of abdominal region and central nerve. He has published more than 40 pieces of theses on the series of Chinese Medicine Journal and other core journals. He has been granted the Award of Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions. He has been selected to be the member of the “Cyan Project” ofJiangsuprovincial higher-education institution, to be the member of the “Excellent Talent” of JiangsuUniversity, to be the member of the Academic Leader of Zhenjiang “169 Projects”, and to be the member of Key Medical Talent of Zhenjiang.



    Di Zhenhai is a returnees scholar, the dean of the Division of Interventional Radiology, the vice dean of radiology major of Jiangsu University Medicine School, the dean of Interventional Radiography Department, the member of the Interventional Radiography Group of Jiangsu Medical Association, the standing member of Interventional Radiography Treatment of Tumor of Jiangsu Province, the director of Zhenjiang Interventional Radiography Association and the corresponding editor of Journal of Interventional Radiology. He has been engaged in medicine for more than 28 years. He first carried out interventional treatment inZhenjiangin 1988, and established the Division of Interventional Radiology in 1995. He received further postgraduate education inNanjingMedicalUniversityfrom September 1998 to July 2001 and made research of interventional radiography inAsanMedicalCenterinSeoul,Korea. He has published more than 20 pieces of theses and one of them was published by American academic journal. He has participated in the writing of two of monographs. He made subject speech of two of his theses on the European Conference of Interventional Radiology. He received one of the Second Prize and three of the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhenjiang, one of the First Prize of the Excellent Thesis of Zhenjiang, and one of the First Prize of the Introduction of New Technology of Jiangsu Province.


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