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Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province--Pediatric Department
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Pediatric Department is the only Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province inZhenjiang. We have been approved to establish theInstituteofPediatricsin December of 2005. This department has advanced technology, well-appointed equipments and qualified talents. It is the master degree conferment institute of pediatrics ofJiangsuUniversity. It has 100 beds open for patients. There are fourteen doctors with senior professional title, 3 doctors with PhD degree and seven doctors with master degree, five doctors are Municipal Academic Leaders of “169 Project”, and two doctors are of the Municipal Key Academic Talent. We have three postgraduate supervisors and six of them are the members of Jiangsu Medical Association. The department is fully equipped with advanced instruments. It is made up of one research institute, three centers, namely, the Prevention and Control Center of Children Asthma, the Center of Neonate Treatment, the Medical Rehabilitation Center For Children; and several specialty groups, such as the specialty of children health care, the specialty of nephrology, the hematology specialty, the cardiovascular specialty, the neural specialty, the endocrine specialty, the respiration and digestion specialty, and the emergency treatment and so on. We also have set up the adolescent mental health counseling clinic, minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) clinic, the learning disorder clinic, the growth, development and nutrition clinic, the inherited diseases clinic and several characteristic clinics such as pygmyism, sexual precocity, obesity, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.


【Technical Features】

The department has all kinds of advanced clinical treatment equipments, such as the neonatal and infant ventilator, cardiac pacemaker, bedside multi-functional monitor, blood gas biochemical analyzer, imported and domestic infant incubator, far infrared emergency table, T-series resuscitation air bag, micro syringe pump, critical neonatal transport system, and equipment of child intelligence testing, ensuring the smooth progress of high-quality medical operation.


We have carried out and developed more than 10 new clinical techniques and new projects, such as the non-thoracotomy interventional therapy for congenital heart diseases,infant and child renal puncture biopsy, rehabilitation therapy for cerebral palsy, sensory integration training, allergen determination of asthma, pulmonary function test, growth hormone stimulation test of cretinism, and gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulation test in children with precocious puberty and so on.


the Center of Neonate Treatment has performed and developed several advanced international and domestic technologies, such as lung protective ventilation strategy in the treatment of neonatal respiratory failure, pulmonary surfactant combined with assisted ventilation treatment of the hyaline membrane diseases, peripheral arteriovenous synchronous transfusion exchange, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), and neonatal developmental care, which have helped to greatly elevated the rescue success rate of critical condition children and the diagnosis rate of intractable diseases. The academic atmosphere in the department is very dense and has made lots of scientific research achievements. The doctors of this department publish more than 10 pieces of theses on provincial or higher-level magazines annually and have finished 4 books of this specialty. The doctors have presided over 3 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and 8 provincial or municipal projects, and have been granted 5 of the prize of science and technology ofZhenjiang.



【Academic leader】

Lu Hongyan is the chief doctor, PhD and postgraduate supervisor. She graduated from the Tongji Medicine College of The Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She has been engaged in pediatric clinical treatment for over 20 years. She is an expert in the treatment of different pediatric diseases. Especially, she has rich experience in the emergency treatment of neonatal critical illnesses.



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