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Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang--Emergency Medicine Department
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Established in 1977, it is an emergency medical center which integrated medical treatment, medical education and scientific research. There is a medical staff more than sixty, including six of them with senior professional title and six attending doctors. And fifteen of them have master degree, among which one specializes in the treatment of acute chemical poisoning. Emergency medicine pattern has gradually developed from primarily dependent model into a basic independent one, and formed a relatively complete system of emergency medical services, including pro-hospital first aid, emergency care in hospital, observation room, emergency intensive care unit (EICU), emergency wards, and emergency operating room. All of theses offer a life-saving green channel for patients. The department has formed its own characteristics and advantages in the treatment of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, acute critical illness, and acute poisoning and trauma. It is now the municipal key clinical specialty inZhenjiang.


In February 2010, according to 《The Class-three General Hospital Emergency Medicine Department Evaluation Standards of Jiangsu province》, the new emergency center was put into use, with complete and comprehensive medical disciplines, including internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, facial features section and ophthalmology. And it is complete with general emergency zone, rescue zone, emergency intensive care unit (EICU), emergency ward, observation room and more than 70 beds as well. In the emergency center, there are independent emergency operating room, ECG room, ultrasound room, laboratory and pharmacy with registration, the Division of Radiology, CT and MRI rooms surrounding nearby for convenient treatment. There also are many advanced equipments in the department, such as four defibrillators, six ventilators, two resuscitation apparatus, two sets of central monitoring system, twenty monitors, two gastric lavage machines, two sets of cooling device, and two bedside rapid biochemical tests instruments. With these equipments, doctors can perform invasive hemodynamic, end-tidal CO2 content, EGG and anesthetic depth monitoring.


【Technical Features】

     The department has strong technological background. It has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience in routine tracheal intubation, vascular catheterization, thoracic close drainage, the diagnosis and treatment of fiber bronchoscopy, vitro and vivo temporary pacing, bedside hemoperfusion, dialysis, emergency percutaneous coronary intervention(PCI) in acute myocardial infarction , hypertensive crisis, aortic dissection, heart failure, severe arrhythmias, severe asthma disease, fatal hemoptysis, tension pneumothorax, respiratory failure, alimentary tract hemorrhage, severe compound trauma, a variety of circulatory collapse, cerebrovascular accident, aspects of severe calentura, toxicosis, and multiple organ dysfunction and so on. Especially, the department has formed its own characteristics, including the emergency PCI, temporary pacing, various reasons respiratory failure treated with mechanical ventilation, and intensive care and treatment of acute poisoning and trauma, taking lead inZhenjiang. And the whole thoracic compression resuscitation in cardiac arrest technique fulfills the blank inZhenjiang. In 2008, the department set upAcutePoisoningTreatmentCenterandTraumaTreatmentCenter, strengthening the treatments for poisoning and acute trauma patients, especially the treatments for batches of emergency patients. The department not only undertakes the tasks of medical education, but also organizes monthly activities to improve clinical teaching. It has hosted several provincial and municipal further education programs, has presided over 6 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and has published more than 40 pieces of theses.


【Academic leader】

Ren Guoqing, chief doctor, dean of Emergency Medicine Department, is the standing member of Branch of Emergency Medicine of Jiangsu Medical Association, member of Outpatient and Emergency Clinic Management Committee of Jiangsu Provincial hospital Association, and the vice chairman of Branch of Emergency Medicine of Zhenjiang Medical Association. He is also the dean of the emergency medicine department of the first clinicalcollegeofJiangsuUniversity, master supervisor, the member of Zhenjiang Medical Leading Talent, and the member of the Academic Leader of Zhenjiang "169 Projects". He has presided over and participated in a number of provincial and municipal scientific researches, has published 15 pieces of theses, and has very rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and severe acute diseases of internal medicine.



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