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Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang - Department of Anesthesiology
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Founded in 1965, after fifty years of development, currently, the department has a medical staff of thirty one, including twenty-six anesthesiologists, two chief doctors, seven associate chief doctors and five nurse anesthetists. It has 18 surgery rooms open for patients and 6 beds for anesthesia recovery. The department performs various types of anesthesia for about 20,000 cases annually. The department always puts emphasis on education and scientific research. It is currently the municipal key clinical specialty ofZhenjiang. The department has a high-quality and excellent group of teachers. In 2005, it has been approved to be the master degree granting point of Medicine School ofJiangsuUniversity. The department has three master supervisors, and has cultivated dozens of graduate students. In 2008, the department began to undertake the teaching tasks forJiangsuUniversitymedicine major students; and we have provided training program for nearly 100 professional anesthesiologists from the basic-level medical institutions in rural areas. We have a reasonable personnel structure, with strong scientific research ability, and have published dozens of papers on national, provincial and municipal journals. We have received two of the Third Prize in Science and Technology Progress of Zhenjiang, one of the Second Prize of the Introduction of Innovative Medical Technology of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning.


【Technical Features】

The department has introduced advanced equipments and technologies, including universal anesthesia machines, monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, ultrasound system, nerve stimulator, blood recovery system, blood gas analyzer, patient heating system, various visual laryngoscopy/fiberbronchoscope and so forth. With the development in medicine, minimally invasive techniques grow rapidly, the department, in cooperation with surgical specialties, carries out laparoscopic gastrectomy, radical resection of colorectal cancer, partial nephrectomy, radical cystectomy, as well as ultrasound-guided nerve blockade, difficult airway establishment under fiber bronchoscope, autologous blood transfusion and other new technologies.


We have built close relationship with other departments in the operation of new types of surgery, major surgery, acute and severe rescue. We actively participate in major emergency rescue and have made new breakthroughs in this field. The pain clinic of the Department of Anesthesiology was founded in the early of 1980s. At present, the clinic can perform painless gastroscopy, painless artificial abortion, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain, and it is the earliest and largest analgesic clinic inZhenjiang. Pain clinic takes the lead inZhenjiangin the application of ozone and other new technologies such as radio frequency in the treatment of prolapse of intervertebral disc.


In 1979, the department successfully implemented the operation of Fallot's tetralogy corrective surgery inZhenjiang, creating a precedent of extracorporeal circulation anesthesia and filling the blank inZhenjiang. In 1991, we successfully implemented the first case of conjoined twins separation surgery inZhenjiang. Back in the 1990s, we were the first in the city to carry out coronary artery bypass surgery without extracorporeal circulation anesthesia, which has elevated our technical level to the leading position inZhenjiang. After thirty years of development, the department has formed the cardiovascular surgical team with the integration of cardiac surgery, anesthesia, extracorporeal circulation, monitoring and nursing. We are capable of undertaking all kinds of complex operations cardiovascular anesthesia. In 2001, we successfully performed the city's first allogeneic liver transplantation. In 2004, we successfully performed the combined liver and kidney transplantation. Both fulfilled the blanks inZhenjiang, and we have performed large number of kidney transplantation, and have accumulated abundant experience in anesthesia.


【Academic Leader】

Kan Mingxiu, chief doctor, is the member of the anesthesiology professional committee ofJiangsuProvince, the member of the quality-control committee of Anesthesiology of Jiangsu Province, the director ofZhenjianganesthesiology professional committee, the director ofZhenjiangquality-control committee of Anesthesiology, and the dean of the Department of Anesthesiology ofJiangsuUniversity.


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