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Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang -- Department of Nuclear Medicine
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Founded in 1975, after the construction and development over 40 years, the department has made all-round achievements in clinical treatment, medical education and scientific research. In 2004, it was approved to be the Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang. With the aim to be the Key Clinical Specialty of Jiangsu Province, through the analysis of its drawbacks, the department makes continuous progress and keeps making innovation. We are endeavoring to build an advanced clinical nuclear medicine specialty with the integration of clinical treatment, medical education, scientific research, and healthcare and prevention. At present, the department has a balanced staff structure, with the reasonable proportion of senior, junior and elementary professional title (3:4:3). We have two doctors with doctoral degree and three with master degree. The department is rich in the young talent reserve.


In term of scientific research, the department has set up tumor molecular laboratory and has made outstanding achievement. The department has published several pieces of theses on domestic and international medical periodicals as the first author or corresponding author, dozens of pieces indexed by SCI. What is more, we have participated in the composition of two monographs and in the compilation of one book. We have presided over one project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project supported by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation and several municipal programs. Furthermore, we have been granted provincial and municipal prizes of the Introduction of Innovative Technology and prizes of Science and Technology Progress. In 2005, the department was approved to be the master degree granting point of medical imaging medicine and nuclear medicine. By now, nine students have obtained master degree and thirteen students are taking their postgraduate courses in this department.


【Technical Features】

The department had a comprehensive technology force. We apply radionuclides to make diagnosis and treatment of clinical diseases and make full use of nuclear technology in medicine field. We have introduced PET/CT equipments reaching international advanced level, the mature SPECT imaging diagnostic techniques and nuclide therapy to treat intractable diseases which cannot be solved by regular clinical treatment; In vitro analysis of tumor markers and hormone has the advantages of high sensitivity, good specificity and quick speed; Bone mineral density examination by the dual energy X-ray is the best standard approach to diagnose osteoporosis.13Cbreath test helps to detect the biological activity of helicobacter pylori in human body non-invasively. The inspection items, radionuclide imaging and the technology level of treatment programs have reached the advanced level inJiangsuprovince andZhenjiang.


【Academic Leader】

Mao chaoming, PhD, vice chief docimaster, vice professor, is the dean of nuclear medicine department of Jiangsu University, the director of the Nuclear Medicine Society of Zhenjiang Medical Association, and the member of the Nuclear Medicine Society of Jiangsu Medical Association. He has been working on the front line of the clinical treatment, medical education and scientific research for years. He is skilled in radionuclide imaging and radionuclide therapy of thyroid diseases, as well as the detection of tumor markers and hormone. He is rather familiar with all kinds of clinical diagnosis and treatment of nuclear medicine, he is quite familiar with the new progress in all kinds of equipments and medicine of nuclear medicine, and he is familiar with the protective principles and measures of nuclear medicine. In regard to scientific research, he has presided over and participated in several national and provincial projects. What is more, he has published more than 30 pieces of theses indexed by SCI and over 10 pieces of them have been published as the first author or the corresponding author.



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