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Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang -- Department of Urology
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Founded in 1965, the department has now developed into a modern specialty which has comprehensive medical equipments, powerful technology force and reasonable specialty talent structure. It enjoys great reputation with the integration of clinical treatment, medical education and scientific research. At present, it is the Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang, the granting point of master degree, the designated hospital of liver and kidney transplantation, and the Training Base of Standardization for Resident Physician of the Ministry of Health. There are 45 beds open for patients, twelve doctors of different ranks, among which there are three doctors with senior professional title, three with vice senior professional title, four with junior professional title and two with elementary title. There are two master supervisors and ten doctors with master degree or higher degree, accounting for 83% of the staff, including two with doctoral degree. Now, we have presided over one project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project supported by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, and several research projects supported byZhenjiangandJiangsuUniversity. We have published more than 60 pieces of theses, five of these indexed by SCI.


【Technical Features】

The department takes the leading place in the fields of endourology, andrology, complicated urethral injury and male genitourinary tumor inChina. The department enjoys comprehensive and advanced equipments, consisting of the urology laboratory, lithotripsy center, urodynamics room, and endoscope center. The department has introduced five sets of high-definition STORZ laparoscope, and one set of Lumenis holmium laser system, intraoperative ultrasound scanning system, flexible ureteroscope, rigid ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and plasma electrocision system. At present, we can perform lots of operations with our advantage, including laparoscopic surgery, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, all kinds of lithotripsy treatment and transurethral electrocision of prostate. Our laparoscopic surgery has covered nearly all kinds of urinary surgery and all kinds of male reproductive system surgery except for body surface surgery, including the destructive and reconstructive operations in relation to adrenal glands, kidney, pelvis of ureter, renal duct, prostate gland, bladder, female urinary tract, cryptorchidism, retroperitoneal and pelvic lymph node.


【Academic Leader】

Sun hao, chief doctor, professor, master student supervisor, is the member of the Urology Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association, the member of the endoscopic study group of Urology Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association, the director of the Urology Surgery of Zhenjiang Medical Association. He is skilled in the treatment of tumor of genitourinary system and endourology, especially the application of laparoscopy in urology and the treatment for all kinds of complex genitourinary tumors. He performs regular laparoscopic surgeries, including renal cyst unroofing, high ligation of spermophlebectasia, adrenalectomy, radical nephrectomy, nephroureterectomy, partial nephrectomy, renal pelvis and ureteral molding, radical cure of prostate cancer, kidney prolapse fixation, ligation of chyluria renal lymphatic vessel, anastomosis of the ureter after vena cava, local recurrence of renal carcinoma excision, postoperative recurrence and reformation of the junction of renal pelvis and ureter, recurrence and resection of adrenal tumor, horseshoe kidney pelvis and ureter junction stenosis molding, retroperitoneal lymph node excision, and radical resection of bladder.


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