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Municipal Key Clinical Specialty of Zhenjiang -- Clinical Nursing Department
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Our hospital adopts the “Three-Level Management System”: “Dean of the Nursing Department- Department head nurse- Head nurse”. At present, there are one dean, two of vice dean, six of department head nurse, two of nursing secretary, and sixty two of head nurse or vice head nurse in this department. The department always focuses on the serving ideal that “Patients are our primary concern” and the aim of “ensuring the safety of nursing, enhancing the nursing service”. We apply the holistic nursing mode based on responsibility system and the mode of labor delayering to promote homogeneous nursing service based on patient needs, and we use modern information means, such as Wechat to extend our service, which helps to bring the potential of the staff into full play and elevate the quality of specialty nursing service.


While ensuring nursing safety and quality service, with the aims of “developing specialty construction and cultivating nursing talents”, we lay solid specialty foundation and reform the personnel training mode. We have selected many of head nurses and nursing talents to go abroad or to large-scale hospital both in and out ofJiangsuprovince for further education several times. We also have selected excellent nurses to take postgraduate courses inIreland, and to participate in Specialty Nurse Post Training ofJiangsuprovince. We have formed our specialty nursing system with its own characteristics, including diabetes care, wound and stoma care, critical care, maternal-child nursing and cancer nursing. We perform outpatient treatment nursing for the wound, stoma, intravenous therapy, peritoneal dialysis, cardiovascular and lymphedema diseases. In recent years, we have strengthened the communication and cooperation with the counterparts in theUSA,CanadaandJapan, which helps to promote comprehensive development of nursing specialty.






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