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Professor Andrew Kennedy from Sarah Cannon Research Institution, USA, Pays Visit for Communication and Cooperation
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On August 19th 2015, Andrew Kennedy and his colleagues from Sarah Cannon Research Institution (SCRI), USA, paid visit to the affiliated hospital of Jiangsu University (UJSH). Accompanied by Director Chen Deyu, Vice Director Chen Jixiang, they have visited the Emergency Center and the Tumor Treatment Center. Furthermore, two sides have made intensive negotiation regarding cooperation on the next stage.

SCRI is a global cancer pharmacy company belonging to Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). As a leading clinical research institution in the world, SCRI focuses on providing patients with advanced treatment. By cooperating with over one thousand doctors in the USA and the UK, SCRI have conducted clinical phymatology, cardiology and orthopedics experiments based on communities. Since its establishment in 1993, SCRI have led over 170 first human clinical trials. It is truly the leader in this field for over its 80% clinical cancer treatment experiments received official approval.

Professor Kennedy graduated from Loma Linda University and received training for resident doctor in the University of North Carolina. He is an internationally well-known expert in radiotherapy, especially good at treating gastrointestinal tumors, mammary cancer and lung cancer. In 2012, Professor Kennedy was hired by SCRI, as an attending doctor and the director of the research program for radiotherapy. In the research program for radiotherapy of SCRI, he takes charge of the developing research work of radiotherapy of HCA. The research result of this program made great contribution to the world medical oncology research. Professor Kennedy is not only the member of the president committee of American College of Radiation Oncology, but the academician of this college. His has been selected as one of the Best Doctor in the United States (top 5%) every year since 2009. Professor Kennedy was chosen to teach in Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) in 1999.

We will build and develop cooperation relationship with SCRI, devoting in the treatment and research of oncologic diseases.




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