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World Experts in Stoma, Wound Care Pay Visit to UJSH for Communication
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In the afternoon of September 18th, the former President of World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) and Australian wound care experts came to UJSH, communicated with us on the work in Stoma and wound care, and demonstrated wound treatment on the scene. Nonscheduled international medical communication and advanced treatment principles have received recognition from patients receiving treatment in our hospital.


Mr. Zhang, 63, owing to varicosity, suffered from large area of skin damage appearing around both of his ankles. For over one year, he has visited doctors everywhere but received little effects. The exudate, bleeding, fester and even maggots frustrated him so much. Almost in despair, he chose to receive treatment in UJSH. Through ten-day treatment period, the exudate around gradually decreased and the area of the wound became smaller. When Mr. Zhang came to further consultation yesterday, his skin was almost as good as normal.

Compared to normal wound patients, stoma patients need more professional treatment. For the reason that the normal excretion pathway has been changed. Stoma patients have to live with colostomy bag. Without professional treatment, they would suffer from complication in their stoma or prolapse, resulting in depression of the patients.

The absorption of wound exudate and the healing of the wound are fairly important. According to traditional treatment, the wounds are normally treated by debridement. However, the healing process is not satisfactory. The wound dressing therapy applied by UJSH achieved better effects on anti-infection, absorption of exudate and pain reducing. And this therapy has become important treatment applied by UJSH in stoma and wound care.


In 2010, UJSH had first opened a stoma care clinic in Zhenjiang. We have a group of skin treatment experts, including Bai Suping, international stoma therapist, to offer professional stoma and wound care treatment. Recently, the Stoma and Wound Treatment Center has been expanded. At present, we offer treatments including acute and chronic wound treatments, for example acute wounds, open wounds, ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, arteriovenous ulcers, postoperative wound, and stoma treatments, for example enterostomy and urinary stoma. Li Yumei, the vice director of our hospital introduced that our center has established a Science and Technology Service Station affiliated to the Nursing Association of Jiangsu Province last year. The Station is established to let more people know more about wound and stoma and benefit our patients.






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