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    Aiming at the target of internationalization and advanced level, through the way of “going abroad, inviting inside”, the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University (UJSH) constantly broadens its international horizon. UJSH has introduced many major projects with international advanced level, including large aperture and high resolution PET-CT, TrueBeam and cellular therapy. Thanks to the successful operation of PET-CT project, plenty of cases of early diagnosis of cancer patients have been made, and it helps to gain the treatment time and save precious life for patients. The joint Cell therapy project between our hospital andInstituteofMolecular Medicine,PekingUniversity, IMM PKU has become the first choice of a lot of cancer patients at advanced stage, helping patients to regain the hope of new life. Under the cooperation between our hospital and theDukeUniversityof theUSA,Asia's first TrueBeam has been officially put into operation in UJSH. The official operation of these major projects have laid solid foundation for our hospital to apply for national major projects, national key clinical programs and national science and technology awards.

In 2015, UJSH Director Chen Deyu was selected to participate in “Hospital Director Training Class” at Harvard University, which was organized by National Health and Family Planning Commission; Chen Binghai, Fan Xin and other experts went to the United States, Germany and other countries for academic communication; Led by the President of Japanese Wakayama University, Nanjo, a delegation of five experts from Wakayama Disaster Hospital paid visit to the affiliated hospital of Jiangsu University(UJSH) and exchanged experience in several aspects as regard to hospital management, discipline development and medical technology; UJSH invited Doctor Oka Chinobuhiro, internationally famous expert in liver and transplantation surgery, from University of Tsukuba, for academic exchanges; UJSH invited Andrew Kennedy and his colleagues from Sarah Cannon Research Institution(SCRI), USA, for academic exchanges, and established cooperative treatment of tumor diseases; The former President of World Council of Enterostomal Therapists(WCET) and Australian wound care experts came to UJSH for academic communication and guidance, and demonstrated wound treatment on the scene, which helps to promote the stomal and wound treatment close to international level.

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